Leyan Lo,
Daphne Wang,
Alex Li,
Eric Cheng,
Sheila Chan,

The Pinky Quartet celebrates its 2015/16 season with a performance of Mendelssohn’s String Quartet Op. 44 No. 2, Allegro assai appassionato. The Quartet, known for its signature blend of flair and humor, combines four distinct musical personalities to bring fresh interpretations to the string quartet repertoire. In its fourth year, the Quartet also celebrates a personal milestone, with this summer marking the wedding of first violinist Leyan Lo, the final member of the quartet to marry.

Founded in 2012 at Stanford University and based in Silicon Valley, the Pinky String Quartet brings to its audiences more than a hundred years of musical training and performance. The Quartet traces its origins to the St. Lawrence String Quartet (SLSQ), where its founding members were influenced by Geoff Nuttall’s profound love for Haydn and his secret, even stronger passion for Brahms. Soon after its formation, the quartet was asked to perform at the world-renowned Intel Auditorium, firmly establishing it as one of the area’s leading “last-minute” quartets.

With its award-winning members, the Pinky Quartet is a dynamic and unique ensemble, described as “nothing like I’ve ever seen…” (Geoff Nuttall, international concert violinist), “…the only thing anyone ever needs to watch,” (Livia Sohn, international concert violinist) and “leaves most speechless,” (Pedja Muzijevic, international concert pianist).

While the Pinkies have performed at noted venues throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia, they are known for their commitment to bringing masterpieces to life for highly-curated audiences at non-traditional stages including classrooms, living rooms and top-tier wedding venues.

The foursome’s passion to “play” at the intersection between music and technology is evident in the quartet’s acclaimed short-form media shared across Instagram and Facebook – amassing hundreds of thousands of views to date.

2016 season highlights include collaborations with resident pianist Sheila Chan and a wide array of individual artistic commitments by the Pinkies.

*Current as of 2016—please do not alter this biography without express prior approval from quartet’s representation.